Welcome to the
Goodman and Miller Families

I am Benny F. Goodman, a descendent of  (1) Thomas M. Goodman, (2) Taylor Harley Goodman, and (3) Milburn Louis Goodman. My research of the Goodman family covers (paternal) Goodman and Fullerton, (maternal) Miller and Poynor.

Most of the information that is listed on this website is from census records or has been passed on to me through conversations with recent family members and some that I can remember hearing from family members when I was younger. If I have documentation for any of this information, I will underline and supply a copy of that document. My son, Robert Goodman, has done most of the records research and has helped with locating some of the family cemeteries where our families were laid to rest. I will supply a copy of any records and pictures of grave stones that we have located.

I hope you enjoy browsing through the family pages and photos of our family history. If you have any information to add to our family or see any information that may be incorrect, feel free to email me. My email address is below.